Carla Ulbrich


September 27, 2015 - Carla Ulbrich

humorist/guitarist/comedic songwriter   

“Professional Smart Aleck” Carla Ulbrich has used her sense of humor to not only survive, but even find the hilarity in such life events as catastrophic illness, dysfunctional relationships, and eating at Waffle House, and in other down-to-earth human conditions that we all go through but don’t see their “funny side”.  Carla’s loveable humorous nature livens up the stage. Truth is, Carla is dead serious about putting a smile on your face.  She is so witty, funny, intelligent, thought provoking, and heart-warming. She has appeared on the BBC, Sirius XM Radio, Dr. Demento, ABC, and in “Sharknado 2”, a science fiction TV movie.  Carla is the author of the humorous book “How Can You *Not* laugh at a Time Like This?” and has just released her 6 th CD of very funny songs, entitled “Totally Average Woman”. She has graced the stage at many comic clubs, colleges, and at nursing, patient and caregiving conventions, and has taught guitar at three colleges and several music stores.  One reviewer said “We would be hard pressed to imagine anyone not enjoying a set from this young woman”; another reviewer said “her performance was full of verve, wit and extraordinarily excellent guitar playing”.  

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