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Carla Ulbrich

September 27, 2015 - Carla Ulbrich

The Masterwork Chorus Quartet To Sing During Worship

On August 30, 2015 we have invited a quartet of singers from the Masterwork Chorus to be with us at our 10 AM worship service to bless and enrich our worship service that morning.   This is a unique opportunity for our congregation and friends in the community to hear some truly blessed sacred music sung by members of such a gifted Chorus.  All are welcome to join us in thanksgiving and praise. 

Bob Malone Coming to the Wesley Stage

Just in case you aren't familiar with Bob Malone, those who know him call him a keyboard wizard. Bob is an American keyboardist and singer. He describes his music style as a mix of rock and roll with deep overtones of blues and New Orleans R&B. He has had a remarkable performing and recording career that has taken him all over the musical map in places like Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe as well as in the United States. He headlines over 100 shows each year. He has just completed a world tour and has agreed to perform here in his hometown on the Wesley Stage in a homecoming concert. He supports his singing with pulsating, roaring keyboard work that grabs you and shakes you until you cry for mercy.